Why join the International Association of Chile?

As a member of the IAC community, not only do you receive special member-only access, you are also a part of a community dedicated to discovering Santiago, connecting socially with other English speakers and volunteer in the community.

Just a few of your IAC membership benefits include:

  • Regularly Scheduled Activities- The IAC hosts a variety of events including coffee/brunch, potluck lunches, city walks, day trips, museum meet-ups, mahjong, bridge, and many more! Click here for more information about our regular monthly events and here for our weekly activity groups.
  • Resources for Living in Chile- Navigating life in Chile can sometimes be challenging. For this reason, the IAC has compiled resources and advice for living in Chile. Examples include driving in Chile, maid contracts, and education in Chile.
  • Volunteer- IAC members have the opportunity to participate in various hands on activities at five different charitable organizations in the Santiago Metropolitan area. It is a wonderful opportunity for members to network with each other while serving the community. To learn more about the organizations the IAC works with click here.

Our member dues are:
1 Full Year Membership- $10.000
If you would like to join now or have questions about joining please fill out this form:
Membership Interest Form

If you are already a member and need to renew your membership please click here.