The purpose of the IAC “Hands On” program is to assist, through volunteer activities, various charitable organizations in the Santiago Metropolitan area. The goal is to provide support, via a personal level of interaction, for the efforts of each organization. We work within the structure of each organization, and schedule our visits and activities according to their needs.

These organized IAC “Hands On” activities provide members with the opportunity to volunteer on a personal level with different nonprofit groups. It also offers a wonderful opportunity for members to network with each other while serving the community.

You may volunteer even you don’t know any Spanish. For the first time, it would be helpful for a Spanish speaker to accompany you to guide you. Casa Esperanza has many English speaking people around. In Hogar Paz y Alegria there is at least one sister who speaks English very well.

If you would like to volunteer at any of these places, please let me know which one you prefer, what day of the week and what time, so I can contact the project: Teija Reyes

We have four hands-on locations:

  1. Hogar Mision de Maria: a morning shift or an afternoon shift, to help to feed and take care of babies and toddlers, preferably on a regular basis.
  2. Hogar Paz y Alegria: daily, except on Thursdays, especially during lunch time, from 11-1, helping elders.  A car is needed to travel to this facility.
  3. Casa Acogida Grada: morning and afternoon, but especially at 6 - 8 pm, to help feed and take care of babies and toddlers, preferably on regular basis.  Volunteers need to present their resume, interview, and be tested.
  4. Casa Esperanza, House of Hope: Work Day with community children one Saturday a month with San Marcos Church (music, English, math, cooking).

Hogar Misión de Maria

(Avenida Bremen 1316, Ñuñoa,

This is a residential facility for 30+ infants and toddlers up to 3 years old, taken from unsafe home situations (wards of the court.) The home provides safety and security in a loving environment. The goal is to reunite the child with their biological mom, another relative or if this is not possible to place the child with an adoptive family. Volunteers assist in two shifts, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, Monday through Friday. They help the staff in whatever way possible (feeding, changing diapers, bathing, and playing).

They also need donations of diapers, milk, wipes, and food. They help children’s families whenever they can, by giving material help.

There is only street parking. The closest Metro stations are: Principe de Galles and Simon Bolivar. Bus stops PD-1447 and PD-1415 are very close.

Paz y Alegría

(Avenida España 101, Batuco)

This is a home for 35 elders who have no home or family; it is run by the Sisters of Charity. The home provides medical, social and emotional support for the residents. Volunteers visit the elderly and assist with e.g. meals, physical therapy. 

It’s a nice peaceful place and you can park inside the closed patio. Usually it is very quick to drive there between 10 am - 3pm (on Friday maybe until 2 pm) but via toll road. 

Casa Esperanza/House o Hope

(Miguel Angel 02431, La Pintana,

This is a halfway home designed to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support for the girls 18 years old and older after they leave the orphanage. It is also a community center for nearby children and families. Music, English and math classes are organized regularly in the community center. They also make and sell jewelry to finance some of their costs. San Marcos Church organizes a Work Day every month with lunch and many activities for the community in their community center.  Volunteers are needed to prepare lunch, bake cookies with a the children, etc.

Safe parking is available for a car inside the closed patio. Take bus 207, 209 from the Metro Santa Rosa stop #25 and get off at stop #37 in Santa Rosa Street. They are neighbors to the C&MA Pintana Church and ALVI Supermarket.

Casa Acogida Grada

(Carmen Covarrubias 213, Ñuñoa,

This is a temporary home for 40 infants and toddlers abandoned or taken from unsafe home situations (wards of the court). The home provides safety and security in a loving environment.  The goal is reintegration with families or adoption. Volunteers are needed almost every day, mostly from 6-8 pm and they assist with feeding and play with the children.

Some material needs are microwave oven, refrigerator and a washing machine if someone is moving out and is eager to donate.

Only street parking is available. Line 6 Nuñoa Metro station is very close, while bus stop PD-429 is another option.