One of the primary missions of the International Association of Chile is to donate funds to improve the living conditions and educational environment of the disadvantaged in Santiago.

We have been able to provide financial support to a variety of charitable projects by working with non-profit institutions in Santiago throughout the year.   In 2019 the IAC donated the following amounts to the following charities:

Adulto Mayor Paola- $289,907 for Singer sewing machines

Cristo Joven-        $3,010,323 for tables and chairs

Misión de Maria-   $2,500,000 to secure windows and doors.

Fundacion APEM* $1,341,355 for obstetrical exam table & step stool

Total-                  $7,141,585

In addition, our members volunteer, hands-on, with several charitable organizations on a continual basis.  See our Hands-On Volunteering section of the web page or contact for more information on these activities.

*Fundacion Apoyo Para El Embarazo